Grafix 1993 – 2018, years of work, learning and reason of existence.

The work is the raison d’être of Grafix.

We always strive to work, respecting the process and every individual in it. The business should be in accordance with the noblest manners, respect the rules of ethics that man has recognized and developed over the centuries. We dream of a form of modern capitalism with strong ancient roots, in which profits are made without harm or insult to anyone, and one part stands out for initiatives that can truly make a difference in the lives of people and the community in which we live, for education, for religion, for preservation of cultural heritage.

We believe in a humanely based company. We believe in a company that is created for people, according to people and their need to organize and connect their work. For the past 25 years, we have achieved the goal of making Grafix an organization where everyone is motivated to contribute, an organization that inspires people to make a living. Work that raises human dignity and the emotional satisfaction that comes from it.

It is our desire that in our organization the generator of all activities be a common good, which, if such, must always be a guiding force in the pursuit of thoughtful and courageous action.

Years of work have brought us simplicity. We work hard to lead normal lives, work a fair number of hours because we want to rediscover values in everything.

Our values are: Knowledge, Skill, Ability,, Personal example, Personal development, Commitment to solution, Cost care

Convinced that a peaceful and beautiful environment will enhance creativity and build a community where employees share the same values, Grafix has created a modern facility as an environment for developing ideas. We believe that accomplished, spiritual communion is a measure of the strength of an organization. Each m2 is in the service of graphic design, experimentation and innovation laboratory. Offices and manufacturing are located in an open industrial space. Connectivity, accessibility and transparency in its original form, with glass walls, with raw finishes, designer graphics and wooden furniture.

implicity and beauty, as the aesthetics of this place, stem from the refinement of goals over a 25 year long commitment to aesthetics, science and technology. The space exhale with deep harmony and peace, because the spirit of every experience that changed us is present. Everyone who works with us is a part of company life, no matter what business they do. Everyone knows that his job is the key to the whole picture. Our quality is the result of the internal quality of each employee. Combining “old-fashioned” and modern goals and human needs, the company has taken an innovative approach and become a model for the modern economy.

Over time, the number of employees was increasing, but the changes were more often.

Years of work have brought us cooperation with the largest number of companies in this region. There are very few who at some point did not need our product or service. The significant portfolio in terms of quality and number of clients has made the font size on the A4 side of the paper illegible and, consequently, the portfolio size redundant. Thus, our work has grown into a continuous construction of our own name, or brand, as a synonym for the business we do and who we know well. It has been the same for years: provide a solution, meet the customer’s need with quality and fast service in easy communication.

There are only years in Grafix that are remembered, we have successfully avoided the idle years or eaten by grasshoppers. We learned not simply to look at the years passing by, but to shape them.
Our years of work and professionalism speak in clear and precise language. We have collected almost “Ripley’s” numbers: more than 15,000 clients, 220,000 jobs, 3.5 million square meters printed … which are just interesting data to some, and to us an axiom of success.

he distance of 25 years, at last, brings the opportunity to see the whole, and yet we are only part of the field of human activity that you will be told when exploring: what a great job you are doing. And that is also true!
After 25 years of work, we can stop listing everything we’ve done.

he company name, which is actually our signature, has become a synonym.

We continue to seek inspiration and strength in ourselves and in work as the “reason for our existence.”


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