Installation of advertising elements is the final stage of production of a particular product. One of the most important stages, as it largely defines the client’s attitude, is whether a particular product is good.

Tomorrow is the opening of a new mall. In addition to branding stores, there will be extra work. Some stores are still in the works. Their windows should be folded with printed graphics. It will be known during the day which shops are these? In the crowd of the “last day before the opening”, one has to fight for information on where, what…, and then do the job on time and in good quality. By opening at 10am, in less than 24 hours, we glued everything needed, 1,336 m2 of foil to glass windows and plaster walls.

25 years of providing assembly services has provided an invaluable experience with no unknown business. t is one of our biggest comparative advantages. The endless assortment of commercial graphics we have produced has also brought countless many different editing services, which required these graphics to be put in the desired place.

Graphics produced on different materials, individually or in combination, and mounted on different surfaces make a list of combinations that would take a long time to list (and read). For us in assembly, time is resource number 2 (knowledge comes first). That is why we treat it with care, so we will briefly introduce our services:


nvolves the application of all types of self-adhesive foil, to virtually all stable surfaces, intended for bonding using two methods (dry method (standard) and water). Graphic assembly also includes the application of paper commercials (posters, billboards, photo wallpaper …), mounting foil on vehicles (autographics), as well as the setting of light sheet materials (foam, forex, cardboard …) using adhesive.

  • Installation is done in the interior and exterior.
  • 24 hours a day.
  • We cover the entire territory of Serbia and the surrounding countries.


performs the installation of all elements made in the locksmith workshop and which mainly involve the use of mechanical joints of advertising elements and the substrate. These include advertising elements, such as illuminated advertising, metal, wooden or plastic structures, as well as heavy plate elements.

  • We are leaders in the installation of large illuminated advertisements and commercial graphics in construction finishing work.


deals with the placement of both graphic and workshop elements and involves working at heights exceeding 5m. Altitude mounting is done by trained climbers or mounting teams with the help of their own truck-basket, which require the operator’s prerequisites, as well as special certificates and permits for work.

  • A basket truck gave us our fleet.
  • We assemble the elements manufactured at the factory, and for large dimensions the final part of production is done on site.
  • In addition to one-off custom jobs, we provide services of licensed installers, based on an annual contract for retail chains, banks, gas stations and the like.


Autographics is one of the most effective forms of advertising. The ratio of invested funds to the effect obtained is far more favorable than any form of advertising. With vehicle graphics, the vehicle itself becomes an advertising medium – it uses its own advertising capacity without the cost of renting. The advertising vehicle is always on the move and over the course of its lifespan, advertising is seen by an unprecedented number of people. This type of advertising is equally good for long-standing institutional image-promoting advertisements, as well as product-promoting shorts. Our team has extensive experience and practice since 1996, when we won this type of advertising for our market. Thanks to this, we are able to offer the client a complete service, which starts with the choice of motive and suggestion, how to best adapt it to the surface and shape of the vehicle. Once printed, the graphics are mounted many times rehearsed and there are no unpleasant surprises in its use.


Over the years, the advertisements we put on, start to erode by the tooth of time.
or all clients who hold on to their image, after a certain period of 3-5-10 years of operation, there is a need for refreshment, replacement of old or defective parts. Some customers are introducing the replacement of wiring and luminaires with new, more advanced, energy-efficient ones.
In its portfolio, Grafix has developed a reparation service in its portfolio. This service is mainly related to the reparation of luminous advertisements in the workshop products segment, as well as the rebranding of graphics in the graphic products segment.
Reparations of products that Grafix did not initially produce and market always carry an open question: „What we will encounter when we open the commercial or remove the foil“. The unknowns and job risks that this process brings with it makes this type of service not widespread in the market and there are few firms that accept this type of work. We in Grafix have developed and play a large role in the “Services” segment. 25 years of experience in production and installation, flexibility in work, knowledge of materials not used in our production and products of other contractors, as well as owning all the necessary equipment, are our comparative advantages.

The experience Grafix in this area is reflected in the continuous formation of the installers.
Continuous process of training, education and training, for the last 25 years

The Grafix team, with the most experienced individuals in this industry in Serbia, makes a tremendous contribution to the transfer of this profession “from generation to generation” and thus creates an advantage for Grafix over competition. Grafix can proudly say that most of all graphic editors in the Serbian market have in some sense descended from Grafix, whether it was the transfer of knowledge due to employee fluctuations (which is one of the bigger problems in Serbia), whether this is about transferring the knowledge of individuals acquired in Grafix to other start-ups.

Constant improvement of work organization
For maximum job results

Continuous improvements to the organization of work produce positive results, so that through quality planning, monitoring and recording of jobs through software and operating systems, Grafix improves its assembly sector and strives to achieve maximum job results, through the optimal and rational use of all human resources, ie. of the assembly operator.

modern, high-quality and reliable equipment.
For fast, high-quality and safe operation

Modern working tools, in the form of quality and reliable equipment and tools, enable fast, unobstructed, high quality and most importantly, safe operation in all installation conditions. Grafix assembly has a large number of system ladders, easily assembled scaffolds, and in addition to a large number of combination trucks, it also has its own truck crane (basket). These are all resources that enable Grafix to successfully organize and manage assembly operations.

Assembly capacities

Mounting capacities, given the nature of the job, are not relevant and constantly measurable data, but depending on a variety of factors, constantly changing numbers. As mentioned, depending on the conditions (mounting surface, access, height, material type, weather conditions, external restrictions …), it is possible to set up from 10 to 50m2 of graphic advertising material per one mounting operator during one shift. Since Grafix has a large number of installers, the daily total number of glued squares can vary from 60 to 300m2*. Due to the demanding installation system, workshop elements have a smaller capacity, and in this segment of the installation conditions and type of installation have an even greater impact on the quantity (capacity), so depending on the multiplicity of parameters, it can be said that the capacity is from 1 to 10pcs* advertising per day. (*with simpler advertising elements and good conditions the capacities are certainly higher).

We look forward to, and with positive inspiration, embrace new business challenges.

For over 25 years, Grafix has been providing the highest quality commercial graphic editing services to its satisfied customers.
Are you one of them or are you just about to become one?


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